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Johnnyo Design began in the early years of web design in 1998. We mainly started with print design and branding service offerings. Understanding what was happening in the industry with websites rapidly becoming a business’s future and a designer’s playground, we learned how to build websites with the help of how-to books and a little on-the-job training — we took on a website job for a client. We let the “baptism by fire” begin. We were viewing the page source of an existing website, copying and pasting the code into Notepad, and finally breaking it down and rebuilding it to our design specs.

We’ve seen the web landscape change drastically over the last 20+ years. We still custom design and do a fair amount of hand coding, but we build primarily in the WordPress® platform today. And we love what’s happening now in our industry and embracing the challenges of our mobile and AI age.

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Who We Are

Our team at Johnnyo Design brings all the skill and experience without skimping on the personality. We are real people who love what we do, and we love helping others while we're at it. From web designers to digital marketers, see the people who drive the innovation, creativity, and success behind your online presence.

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“Large Firm Product at an Independent Contractor Price”

One of the big advantages of working with Johnnyo Design is that you will get a first-class product at a fraction of the cost of larger design firms’ work, coupled with custom personalized services. Johnnyo Design is grounded in both education and experience, and we believe our work speaks for itself — check out our portfolio and give us a call to see if we’re a fit for your project.

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We don’t write often, but when we do, it’s because we believe it is valuable enough to share. Look for pro tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and more! Most of all, learn about our web design, branding, and digital marketing work. Learn more now!

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